A Penguin Story

A Penguin Story by Antoinette Portis


Edna penguin lives with a group of penguins in a land of ice, snow, and water.  The penguins swim, play, slide, and fish – and seem content with things as they are.

Edna notices the sameness of things, and wonders if there is something else, something different in the world.

Edna notices that everything is either white (snow and ice, and penguins), black (night, and penguins), or blue (water and sky).  She starts looking for something that isn’t white, black, or blue.  A few other penguins ask her to do things with them when she gets tired of looking.

“I’ll never get tired of looking, thinks Edna.”

Edna decides to go find the something that isn’t white, black, or blue.  She stumbles upon something bright orange and runs back to the other penguins to share her discovery.  All the penguins head off to see.

The something else turns out to be a big orange tent, and some scientists in orange parkas – and an orange airplane.  One of the scientists gives Edna an orange glove as the scientists get ready to leave.  The penguins are happy to have something that isn’t white, black, or blue.

“The next day, Edna wonders, What else could there be?”

This is a sweet book with fun, simple illustrations.  It is a good book for sharing on a Winter’s day (or bedtime).

Please print out these penguin bookmarks and book plates – follow this link to a pdf.



This morning I realized that I was using a scrap of a paper towel as a bookmark.  The scrap does work in the sense that it marks my place in the text.  But, somehow, it started to bother me.

So, I made bookmarks.  And I would like to share them with you – to say thank you for reading my blog.  This is a printable pdf with four bookmarks.  Use them in a favorite book.  Share them with a young friend.  Enjoy.

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