Reading Treasure Hunts

Learn To Read Treasure Hunts On Bookworm Bear

Ad site button reading treasure huntsMy young readers loved doing treasure hunts.  It was a fun way to practice new reading skills.  And, they enjoyed running from one clue to the next, deciphering the words and finding the next clue…and eventually the end.

Bookworm Bear is offering you printable treasure hunts clues to help the child (or children) in your life enjoy reading.  So far, there are 5 treasure hunts to try.  More are on the way.

Click on the treasure hunt you want – and print out the pdf.  Cut out the squares, and fold along the dotted lines so that the clue is on the inside, the clue number is on the front, and the little clue for you about where to hide it is on the back.

I hope you and your children have fun with these!

Chilly Milly Moo

Chilly Milly Moo by Fiona Ross

chilly-Milly-MooMilly Moo lives on a farm with other cows, but she is a little different.  She is hot.  And, she feels that it is too hot to make milk.  The other cows say the warm sun helps them make milk.

“Milly Moo wanted to churn out the finest, loveliest, tastiest, creamiest milk.  But she couldn’t.”

Milly Moo is sad.  The farmer doesn’t understand why Milly Moo can’t make milk. The farmer says Milly Moo needs to make milk to stay on the farm.

A storm comes to the farm, bringing cold air.  The other cows are cold, but Milly Moo is very happy.  When the farmer tries to milk her, something strange happens.

“…there was an explosion of the coldest, chilliest, frostiest, iciest….ICE CREAM!”

This is a cute, silly book – sure to get giggles from young children when Milly Moo makes ice cream.  Of course, I live in Vermont (think dairy cows and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream) and we have about a foot of snow outside right now.

Try making easy ice cream cows.  All you need is vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup (or sauce), and a cow cookie cutter. (This would work with any animal cookie cutter, too).

make ice cream cows