Poached – Book Review

Poached by Stuart Gibbs

Reviewed by Daughter, age 10

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About the book, Poached:

poached book coverIt all started when Vance Jessup bullied Teddy Fitzroy into dropping an arm and foot (from a mannequin) into the shark tank at FunJungle.

When he was being chased by security guards, Teddy escaped by hiding in the koala exhibit with Kazoo the Koala.  He still had the backpack that Vance had given him with the arm and foot in it (now mostly empty).  Teddy accidentally fell asleep in the exhibit for half an hour.  When he woke up, the guards weren’t searching for him any more.

Teddy’s situation got worse.  Security video showed him entering the exhibit with a big, somewhat empty backpack slung over one shoulder, and exiting with the backpack on both shoulders – with the backpack looking like it could have something in it.  And, Kazoo the Koala was missing – replaced in a tree by a gift shop stuffed animal.

Teddy knows that Large Marge, the head security guard at FunJungle, won’t bother looking for the real criminal because she is too busy trying to find evidence that Teddy took Kazoo.  So Teddy has to catch the real criminal himself.

What follows are exciting adventures as Teddy works to unearth the truth,including swimming in the shark tank, and talking to Summer McCraken, the daughter of J.J. McCraken, the owner of the zoo.

I loved this book.  I would recommend it to anyone who likes animals or very gripping books.


Bear Snores On

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Jane Chapman

Bear Snores OnThis was one of my children’s favorite books when they were toddlers.  It has a little of everything they loved:  animals, suspense, friendship, and text that flows along with rhymes.

“In a cave in the woods, in his deep, dark lair, through the long, cold winter, sleeps a great brown bear.”

So begins this fun picture book.  The bear is doing his hibernation thing in his cozy cave while it snows outside.  There is a loud storm going on, but the bear snores on peacefully in his cave.

A small mouse creeps in to take shelter from the night storm.  He lights a small fire for warmth and light.  Soon, a hare hops in and joins the mouse.  They pop corn and make tea.  The bear snores on.  A badger, a gopher, a mole, a wren, and a raven join the gathering in the cave, which becomes a party.  The bear snores on, until…… a fleck of pepper (they were making stew) makes the bear sneeze.

The bear wakes up.  He is angry and roars and stomps, and growls and grumbles.  The bear is upset that the animals snuck in his cave, and had a party without him.  The mouse offers to have the bear join in the party – they can make more food.

The animals gather around bear and the fire, and listen while bear tells them stories through the night.  The book ends with the bear sitting up, awake, while the other animals sleep – in his arms, and next to him.

Chapman’s warm illustrations bring this story to life.  Young listeners will appreciate the build up to something waking the bear.  And, some might happily supply the biggest Ahhhhhh-choo they can manage when the bear sneezes.  A wonderful picture book.