Fortunately, The Milk

Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaiman


The setting of the book is in the main characters' house, outside on the street, and in a lot of other places, all over.

The main characters in this book are:  the children, their father, and Professor Steg.  The backup characters are:  the people in the jungle, the green, globby aliens, the wumpires, and the volcano god, Splod.

This book is about when the children's mother leaves to present a paper on lizards.  The next morning, the family runs out of milk.  The father goes to the corner shop to get more and is gone for hours.  When he returns, he tells of being abducted by aliens, nearly being sacrificed to a volcano god, having incidents with wumpires, being rescued from pirates by Professor Steg in a floaty-ball-person-carrier, and an encounter with singing space police dinosaurs.

I would recommend this book to people who like adventurous and hilarious books.



PrintGuest Reviewer -- Reviewed by Daughter, age 9

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