Make An Origami Dog

Make These Cute Origami Dogs –

origami dogs group







origami dog 1You will need 1 square of paper for each dog.  I used a black marker to add a face.  Googly eyes work well for these dogs, too.




origami dog 2Fold your paper in half to make a triangle.  Crease well.





origami dog 3Fold your triangle in half again, making a smaller triangle.  Crease well.





origami dog 4Open the smaller triangle up again.

Arrange the large triangle on your table so the fold in up, and the point is down.




origami dog 5Fold one of the corners down, as shown, to make an ear.






origmai dog 6Do the same with the other corner to make the other ear.





origami dog 7Fold the bottom point up, along the crease line, to make the dog’s nose.




origami dog 8

Add face details.


  1. Hannah on November 9, 2014 at 4:25 am

    Wow ! Too cute.. It’s very easy to do it!

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