Make Ice Cream Cows

Make Ice Cream Cows

make ice cream cows(these go well with reading Chilly Milly Moo)






ice-cream-cow11.  You’ll need vanilla ice cream and a cow cookie cutter (any animal shape will work). Put wax paper on your work surface.




ice-cream-cow22.  Fill the cookie cutter with ice cream. Put
filled cookie cutter (on wax paper) in freezer
for 20 mins -30 mins.




ice-cream-cow33.  Remove ice cream from cookie cutter.





ice-cream-cow44.  Using chocolate syrup (I used
Hershey’s) make spots on the cow.





ice-cream-cow-55.  Return to freezer until ready to serve, or eat right away. Watch for melting, and freeze as needed.

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