Mouse Mess

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Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley

Mouse-MessWhat would a house, or a kitchen, look like to a mouse?  What happens when the humans go upstairs at night?

Riley’s brightly illustrated story tells of a busy mouse’s adventures in a nighttime kitchen.  The story, told with a single line per page, has the curious mouse explore various foods, and make quite a mess in the process.

Some of Mouse’s activities are children’s favorites with a twist.  Mouse rakes up corn flakes with a fork, then runs and jumps into the pile.  Mouse tips over the brown sugar, then builds a sand castle with it.  Sometimes he just gets messy.  Mouse opens jars and tips the milk over.  After a while, he takes a look around him.

“Mouse steps back. He looks around.  He can’t believe the mess he’s found.  ‘Who make this awful mess?’ asks Mouse.  ‘These people need to clean their house.'”

Mouse continues with his evening, taking a bubble bath in a tea cup, then heads back to his nest just as the humans come back down the stairs in the morning.

“Now that Mouse is clean and fed, he leaves the mess and goes….to bed!”

This is a wonderfully silly story that will have the youngest children giggling at Mouse’s antics.



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13 thoughts on “Mouse Mess

  1. Great little picture book and nice review! Thanks for sharing this in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. I’ll tweet your post to my followers. I’m a new follower by email. 🙂

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