Duck in the Truck

Every now and then the students in my son's class at school read to the children in the preschool program.  When my son learns about this early enough to plan, he brings in a favorite book to read to the younger children:  Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough.

Readers meet Duck through rhyming text and big, colorful illustrations.  Duck is driving his truck home when his misadventure begins.

"This is the rock struck by the truck

and this is the muck

where the truck becomes stuck."

Duck is upset about the truck stuck in the muck.  But, his friends (a frog, a sheep, and a goat) help him get his truck back on the road home.  Duck thinks mainly of himself, and drives off, leaving his friends stuck in the muck.

The ending seems appropriately silly and provides a nice final rhyming line.  This is a good read-aloud that is sure to have children giggling.

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