For Gifted Young Readers

I’m adding a new page on Bookworm Bear – Young Gifted Readers – a page for those who learn to read very well at an early age.  It is very exciting to have a strong, young reader.  As a parent, you try to help him or her find books that are fun to read, and a little challenging, and that keep your young reader excited about reading.  Because these strong young readers (who read above grade level) are often called “gifted readers,” I’ll use that term to identify my page.

advanced reader photoSometimes it is a little more difficult to find books for these really strong, young readers.  What books do you look for when your preschooler or kindergartner has moved beyond Henry and Mudge?  What books are interesting and written at a good level for advanced readers, and are appropriate emotionally, socially, and in general topic matter?

The books on this page are ones that my young, early (and sometimes very sensitive) readers have enjoyed. I hope the list will help you find books that might work for your young reader, whatever age.  I will include links to books I’ve reviewed on Bookworm Bear, and I will update the suggestions frequently.  Happy reading!

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