How Does Sleep Come?

How Does Sleep Come? by Jeanne C. Blackmore, pictures by Elizabeth Sayles

How Does Sleep ComeMy toddlers were rather reluctant sleepers – they needed several stories, and lots of hugs before they could fall asleep.  I wish I had had this book to share with my children when they were younger.

A mother tucks her son into bed one night, and he asks her a question:  “How does sleep come?”  This is the beginning of a beautifully written book – the mother’s answers are comforting and soothing – perfect for bedtime or naptime reading.

The mother tells the boy:

“Sleep comes quietly.  Like a snowfall that blankets a meadow on a dark starry night and lays down a soft white canvas for rabbits to leave footprints.”

The boy snuggles under his covers and gets sleepier and sleepier.  The mother compares sleep to a fog rolling gently into a harbor, clouds drifting in the sky, a cozy cat purring by the fire, and a butterfly landing gently.

The illustrations compliment the text with a cozy, dreamy feel.  This is a wonderful before-sleep book to share with young children.



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