Jacob’s Tree

Jacob’s Tree by Holly Keller

jacobs tree coverJacob is the smallest in his family.  He is too little to reach the table and see into the bathroom mirror.  Jacob’s mother tells him he’ll be bigger soon.  Jacob’s father measures Jacob on a big elm tree outside their house, painting a mark so Jacob can see how much he grows.

Jacob hates waiting to get bigger.

In the fall, Jacob measures himself against the mark on the elm tree.  He still is the same size.  His father tells him to wait, that he will grow.


“Jacob didn’t want to wait.  He tried to make himself grow faster.  He ate a lot of vegetables because Mama told him that would help.  He took his vitamins, and he drank all his milk.  But when Jacob measured himself again, he wasn’t any bigger.”

Winter comes and snow buries the mark on the elm tree.  Months pass.

jacobs tree he grewOne morning in early spring, Jacob goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth and discovers that he can see into the mirror.  He is very happy.  Jacob’s father measures him again and makes a new mark on the elm tree – Jacob has grown.  He now can reach things, and climb higher, and play with his brother and sister in new ways.

This is a sweet picture book featuring a young bear with a loving family.  It is a good book for sharing with someone who can’t wait to get bigger.

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