Leaves by David Ezra Stein

Leaves coverA young bear enjoys summer flowers and late summer blueberries.  Life is good.

“Everything was going well until the first leaf fell.”

The young bear is worried, and wonders if the leaf is okay.  When colorful leaves begin falling all over, the bear tries to catch them and put them back on the trees.  But, that doesn’t really work.

The bear grows very sleepy, finds a good spot, and fills it with leaves.  He sleeps through wind and snow until spring.

When he leaves his cave in the spring, the bear enjoys the sun and notices buds on the trees.  As the leaves begin to grow, the bear is happy to see them again.

This is a charming book about a good-hearted bear.  Stein’s colorful illustrations – created with bamboo pen and watercolor paint – show the bear’s emotions and his surroundings in a fun way.  This book also introduces the idea of seasons changing and time passing, as summer gives way to fall, winter, and spring.


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