One Day, Daddy

One Day, Daddy by Frances Thomas, illustrated by Ross Collins

Little Monster has a problem: He might want to be an explorer when he grows up.  When Father Monster asks why that is a problem, Little Monster explains:

"You see, Daddy, if I'm an explorer, I'll have to leave you and Mommy behind."

Father Monster asks where Little Monster will explore.  Little Monster tells him about the moon, and a few planets he'd like to see.  Little Monster brings up facts about different places, and his father makes imaginative comments.  Little Monster talks about the moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, a meteor shower, and a comet.

"Won't you be lonely there?" said Father Monster.

"Yes, but you have to be lonely to do some things," said Little Monster.

"And will you come back to us one day?"

"Oh yes, one day I'll come back, Daddy."

Colorful illustrations, a few facts about space, and some silly Father Monster comments combine to make this a fun book for young space lovers.  As a toddler, my son wanted to read this book over and over.  I think this led to interest in learning more about the solar system - and reading nonfiction books about space.


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