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International Dot Day

International Dot Day – September 15 Today is International Dot Day, “a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration.”  This creative celebration was inspired by the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds. A teacher’s guide, some videos, Celibri-dots blog (dot images by authors, illustrators, and other famous folks), and a gallery of images of…

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The Dot

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds This is a wonderful story about a girl named Vashti and how she learns about her creative spirit. Vashti sits angrily in her art classroom after class staring at her blank piece of paper.  She thinks she is bad at art, that she can’t draw — so she hasn’t…

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ish by Peter H. Reynolds A single mocking comment can change the way we see things – about the world, about ourselves, or about things we love doing. Ramon is a boy who loves to draw.  He draws all the time, and is happy when he is drawing.  One day his older brother makes fun…

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