Magic Box

Magic Box, by Katie Cleminson

the magic boxThis is a fun picture book celebrating imagination and magic.

Eva is given a special box as a birthday present.  It looks like a big, plain, empty cardboard box.  Eva opens it up and jumps in – it is bigger than it looks – and becomes a magician.

Eva wishes for something she wants most in the world – a pet called Monty.  She swishes her cape, waves her wand, and Monty appears…a very large polar bear.

“For her next trick, Eva pulled rabbits out of hats.”

Many, many rabbits out of many, many hats.  Monty watches.

“Then, with a flick of her wand, she made things float in the air.”

Monty and the rabbits float high in the air above Eva.

Eva then threw a big party with lots of good food, and music performed by “the very best musicians” – a monkey playing a trumpet, a panda playing a cello, a cheetah playing a saxaphone, and an alligator playing an accordion.

“When everyone had danced their socks off, Eva shut her eyes, clicked her fingers….and everything vanished…”

Everything except Monty, the magic box, and Eva’s magic wand and cape.

This is a sweet book – wonderful for sharing with a child who likes magic and imagination.

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