International Dot Day

International Dot Day – September 15

interntl dot dayToday is International Dot Day, “a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration.”  This creative celebration was inspired by the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds.

A teacher’s guide, some videos, Celibri-dots blog (dot images by authors, illustrators, and other famous folks), and a gallery of images of creative projects folks have done in the past to celebrate International Dot Day.  To learn more about International Dot Day, or to find ideas for activities, visit the website:

Bookworm Bear loves Peter H. Reynolds books.  We’ve reviewed The Dot and Ish here – they are well worth looking for at local libraries and bookstores.

Dot cover smallIsh


Yoko’s Paper Cranes

Yoko’s Paper Cranes by Rosemary Wells

yokos paper cranes coverWhen Yoko was very young, she lived in Japan.  Her grandmother, Obaasan, showed her cranes in the pond at the end of her garden, and explained how the cranes left during the winter, but returned each year.  Yoko’s grandfather, Ojiisan, could fold paper into cranes – and frogs, and many other animals.  Ojiisan taught Yoko how to fold paper cranes.

When Yoko was a little older, she left Japan with her parents, and moved to America.  The family stayed in touch and sent letters across the ocean to each other every week.

Yoko wanted to give Obaasan a birthday gift, but didn’t have any money for a present.  Yoko remembered that Obaasan’s garden would be cold and snowy, and that Obaasan would be waiting for the cranes to return.  Yoko’s mother gave her some nice paper, and Yoko folded three cranes just as Ojiisan had taught her.  Yoko mailed the cranes to Obaasan in Japan.  Obaasan and Ojiisan hung Yoko’s cranes in the kitchen window.  Yoko had made the perfect gift.

This is a sweet story of families, and of connecting even across an ocean.

origami cat and dog groupArt activity:  try folding a few origami animals with your children.  These aren’t as tricky as paper cranes.

Origami Cat

Origami Dog


origami dog 8

Origami Dog

origami cat 9

Origami Cat


Make Fun Sheep Puppets

Make Fun Sheep Puppets – Art Project for Where is the Green Sheep

make sheep puppetsHere is a fun art project to do with preschoolers that goes along with reading Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox.

Read the book, gather your art supplies and young artists, and let’s get started.






  1. Where is the Green Sheep? 
  2. construction paper
  3. pencil
  4. black pen
  5. glue stick
  6. scissors
  7. popsicle sticks
  8. masking tape


greensheepactivity2Step 1:  Find a sheep you like, and draw the sheep parts on the construction paper.  You can draw in pencil first, then go over it in black marker.



greensheepactivity3Step 2:  Make additional sheep on different colors of construction paper if you’d like to have several sheep.





greensheepactivity4Step 3: Cut out the sheep parts.






greensheepactivity5Step 4:  Add details with black marker.  I did little spirals for the wooly sheep body.




greensheepactivity6Step 5:  Glue your sheep parts together with glue stick.  You can use the book as a guide, or make up your own sheep.



greensheepactivity7greensheepactivity8Step 6:  Tape your sheep to the popsicle stick with masking tape.





greensheepactivity9Step 7:  Make as many sheep as you like.  Have a puppet show.  Act out Where is the Green Sheep?  Make up your own story.  Have fun!